We are an estate agent based in Sardinia. We are keen to help you finding your next property in this beautiful land!

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    Michele Schirru - Estate Agent and founder of Invest In Sardinia - HELLO IMMOBILIARE. In this business since 2007, developed his expertise in international residential property having worked both in Italy and the UK for several years.

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My name is Michele Schirru - but you can call me MIKE!

This is my very personal welcome to Invest In Sardinia - Hello Immobiliare. I am an estate agente from Sardinia, I grew up here and have lived for most of my life in this beautiful land. I started working as an estate agent in 2007 for quite a large real estate company.

A few years later, I had a very unique chance to work for about 6 years in London and in Bristol for some of the major actors in property.

Back in 2017, this gave me enough spin to launch my company and develop a business in my own land, Sardinia. This is not everything, but it's enough to understand why I'd like to help you finding your next property investment in Sardinia.

In a few words: knowledge of the market and the Italian law, large experience on negotiation and transactions, mad passion for property.


The good news is that you can rely on someone that can find the best property for you, based on your needs and specifications. There are obviously only good news, no bad news for you my friend!

We can start having a chat either through phone - Facetime or Skype - in order to understand what you are exactly looking for. Based on this, as well as the conditions surrounding your needs, the research can start.

We are members of FIAIP - the association of the estate agents - and work together with many estate agents around Sardinia. It will be for us a pleasure to help you finding the best property in the area you are interested in.

And in case you are not quite sure yet where you want to invest, well, we'll help you deciding what might fit best your needs.

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