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Property Valuation

Thanks to a very strong knowledge of the area, there is a professional able to provide a correct market valuation.

Legal & Technical Consulting

For every property on the market, there is a scrupulous control of all documentation required for sale.

Professional Photographs

To each house goes on the market, I deal with preparation of professional photos and prepare a plan.

Marketing Portals National And Foreign

The marketing and promotion of real estate is an important thing, This is why your house will be visible on all the major Italian and international real estate portals.

Mortgages Consulting

In an increasingly uncertain financial market, it becomes essential to have someone who can steer you in choosing the mortgage.

Targeted Appointments

In an effort to maximize resources and not to waste anyone's time, sales appointments will be targeted and focused.

Negotiation Management

The negotiation and negotiation, including the paper work, It will be completely managed for you.

Complete Care To The End

You will find a serious and dedicated professional who will assist you in all stages up to the notarial deed of sale.


Recommendations Our Clients
Compliments. Great professionalism, courtesy and professionalism. Agostino Pisano

Great professionalism, courtesy and professionalism. Michele is a serious and reliable professional. When youth meetings Sardinian entrepreneurs like him reevaluate our island that is capable of expressing Of the people of this caliber.

Expertise, professionalism and availability Riccardo Murtas

Expertise, professionalism and availability, everything you need in a real estate consultant. He succeeds to find the solution for every need. Do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks Michele…

Thanks to the professionalism of Michael Gianfranco Cocco

I had a great, I was able to rent the house in a short time. All this thanks to the professionalism of Michael! Highly recommended!!!…

At the end I Let A Friend.

I had the good fortune to meet Dr.. Schirru to purchase a property that I dreamed for a long time, I met a serious and prepared professional, willing and able. In the end I left a friend of the transaction. Thanks Michele.

Attentive to the needs of the interlocutor Italo Bellinzoni

Michele Schirru, despite his young age, It is a serious guy, need, attentive to the needs of the interlocutor, and no less sympathetic.. in short, very professional and prepared…. advice to those who need to buy or sell a home address him …10+…

I'll never stop thanking him Rosario Tornatore

Thanks to the professionalism and personality of Dr. Michele Schirru, after 4 long years I was able to sell house 4 months.. What for me unthinkable.. But thanks to him made it possible.. I'll never stop thanking him..

Support and expert advice Maria Elisabetta Caddeo

Michael is a caring professional, prepared and always updated, can provide assistance and expert advice. Talk to him for effective intermediation!…

Very professional and helpful Laura Codraro

Very professional and helpful. Thanks to Real Hello I found the house in a short time.

I am very satisfied! Daniel Drontoiu

I am very satisfied! It really speaks of a real estate agency, working with professionalism!…

Available for any request Giorgia Usai

excellent professional, available for any request, infinitely thank Michael for his great job. SUPER RECOMMENDED…


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